Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Fools!

This year for April Fools day Scott went all out. I met Brandi and the kids for lunch at Burger King and when we ordered they told me that I was the one millionth customer. The manager dressed up in the King costume, banged pots & pans, announced to the entire restaurant that I was the one millionth customer, and then presented me with balloons and an envelope. I was a good sport and posed for the pictures and even dressed up in the King costume for everyone (notice this is not pictured!). After all the hoopla Scott walked in, I thought he was just coming to lunch. The Burger King manager told me I needed to open the envelope and inside I found a note that said "April Fools! Love, Scott". Next year I will be prepared!

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lanxie said...

haha that was hilarious! sounds like ya'll are havin lots of fun! keep in touch!